I’m Lisa Maschhaupt.
Born in Deventer, raised in Amsterdam.

I’ve written two books (De Amsterdame 2017 / Donnie 2020), I’m the founder of the UNBOXED FOUNDATION, championing self acceptance for children and youngsters, and I practice taxidermy and tattooing.

I’m always trying to contribute, even just a little bit, to a kinder and more colorful world. I love showing people how beautiful a magpie can be by taxidermy, or making them happy (and mostly myself) by tattooing a ‘hotdog sheep’ on arms and ankles or by showing them the beauty of a Drag Queen in all it’s splendor.

By making people aware of subjects as equality, self-love and diversity, I hope their look on at the world will become broader. Encouraging people to be themselves. And even more important; let everyone be whoever they want to be.

Dreaming about a world where there’s a place for everyone.