Being yourself and not necessarily what society wants you to be, is easily labeled as different. As something you have to explain.
The main reason why I started UNBOXED Foundation is to encourage kids and youngsters to be themselves. And at least as important; let anyone else be whomever they want to be. Without judgement, without labels and with a lot of love.

Kids and youngsters depend on their parents, school, television shows and the internet to form their view of the world. Consequently, this means that grown ups, often unconsciously, decide how they present the world to their kids and other young people around them. More often than not this is a narrow and particular projection of the world. A world full of stereotypes, judgements, and expectations are passed on from generation to generation this way. This way, the innocent princess will always be saved by the brave prince. The princess will always be thin and white; and the prince handsome and white. Unless we consciously show youth that the world is a much more diverse place, stereotypes, boxes and closed mindedness will remain.

This is the reason I wrote the book Donnie. To show kids another normal.

UNBOXED organises events for youth and kids. A big VIP-deck for youngsters during the Amsterdam Canal Parade where they can experience Pride from a safe place. Or the big Princesses and Princes party at The Loft in the ADAM Toren, where men on heels and girls with mustaches are as normal as anything else.

By making young people more aware of subjects such as equality, freedom and diversity the way they look at the world will become broader. Working together on a more colourful future where everyone can live in freedom.

One love.