DE AMSTERDAME: een vrouw met klasse, maar wel op sneakers.

This is Donnie!

Donnie loves gaming, soccer and skating. But most of all Donnie loves to wear dresses! Kids at schoolhowever, are not so understanding. In his mother’s wardrobe he discovers a wondrous world of acceptance and adventure.

In this time of positive change, Donnie helps children (and parents) to get to know the world around them. A book about inclusion, diversity and other topics relevant to the world today’s children grow up in.

Children’s and picture books play an important role in the way children get to know the world around them. They also have a tremendous influence on the way they view society. Too often we, society, create a standard and an expectation of how one should be. I think it’s time that sharing an inclusive, diverse and broad story becomes the standard.

Donnie is suitable for kids aged 3 to 100 and is available from the 27th of July.

DE AMSTERDAME: een vrouw met klasse, maar wel op sneakers.


I am no writer, but I did manage to get a book published together with my friend Mirjam. So maybe I am a writer, who knows?

The book De Amsterdame, draws inspiration from the book How to be Parisian. A book written by four Parisian friends about life in Paris. I thought the book was a fun read, but could not really relate to the life of Parisian girls. That is how the idea was born; a book about girls from Amsterdam.

De Amsterdame is a book filled with art, fashion, dreams, gold and food. For me personally the underlaying thought while writing De Amsterdame was writing a fun book, but also accepting yourself with aaaaall your flaws. I think today we have to be good in everything, while we all know that’s not possible, we still expect ourself to be perfect. We want to have a awesome career, look amazing, eat plant based food, do yoga, be the perfect friend and be a fantastic lover. And above all, be ecstatically happy and zen at all times.

I hope this book makes you look at life with a smile – realising you are not doing so bad after all.